BCG Corkin Around
$ 55.00

BCG Corkin Around

• 100% Light-weight Cork body
• Cocoa Faux leather bill
• 6 Panel Snapback
You may be familiar with a corked bat in baseball, but this hat has nothing in common with its namesake (it’s completely legal on the field).  Constructed of 100% authentic cork material, this lightweight and durable hat is downright incomparable to any other design you’ve ever seen (we checked, so we know). This BCG original fitted 6 panel snapback is detailed with a raised logo, cocoa brown faux leather bill and top button to match. There is one catch to this purchase; you have to write us and tell us how many comments you get when wearing this one-of-a-kind headpiece!  
Standard 6 Panel Snapback. One size fits most.